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Kelly Eckman
Kelly Eckman
Sales Associate
Office Phone: (941) 697-7575
Office Fax: (941) 697-7422
Cell Phone: (941) 830-6174

Kelly (recently married), moved to Englewood with her new husband to be closer to his parents and to get out of the cold Minnesota winters.  She lived in Texas for 26 years and moved back to Minnesota in 2012 (her home state) before returning to the warmer south climate that tropical Florida offers. 

She worked in a law firm for 10 years, and her experience with attorneys and contracts brings an understanding and benefit to real estate transactions that can be beneficial to new buyers and sellers, as well.  She also worked in Property Management for several years.

Kelly enjoys playing pickleball at the YMCA and Trinagli. She also enjoys the many wonderful beaches in the area,  along with boating and seeing all the wonderful wildlife around the area.